Table III. Relative quantification of XyG oligosaccharides obtained after endo-glucanase digestion of Arabidopsis pollen tube wall
MassaCompositionbStructurecRelative Abundanced
1,085Hex4Pent3XXXG14.7 ± 3.3
1,247Hex5Pent3XLXG/XXLG5.7 ± 0.6
1,289Hex5Pent3OAc1XLXG/XXLG + 1 OAc27.6 ± 3.9
1,393Hex5Pent3Dox1XXFG8.4 ± 0.5
1,435Hex5Pent3Dox1OAc1XXFG + 1 OAc41.2 ± 6.6
1,555Hex6Pent3Dox1XLFG2.5 ± 0.1e
  • a Mass of the fragments [M+Na+]+.

  • b Hex, Hexose; Pent, pentose; OAc, O-acetyl substituent; Dox, deoxyhexose.

  • c Based on XyG oligosaccharide structures found in Pauly et al. (2001).

  • d Values are expressed as percentage and are means ± sd from MALDI spectra obtained after endo-glucanase digestion from three different Arabidopsis pollen tube cell wall extracts.

  • e Relative abundance of this oligosaccharide corresponds to the total of the K+ and Na+ adduct fragments.