Table II. Transgene integration and fatty acid contents of the second-round SSI events
EventaGene Copy No. by qPCRbFatty Acid Content by GCcOild
  • a Events B531 to B512 are representative chlorsulfuron-resistant events selected from the retransformation of the embryogenic callus of RMCE events B51, B53, and B54 containing QC288A436A with the second donor QC438 and FLP QC292 DNA.

  • b Embryogenic callus samples were analyzed by qPCR specific to the SCP1 and ALS junction of QC288A436A438A (SSI), a QC438-specific region (Donor), the SCP1 and HPT junction of QC288A436A (Target), and a QC292-specific region (FLP). The qPCR assays were done as described in the Table I legend.

  • c Fatty acids in mature somatic embryos were determined by GC as described in the Table I legend and are expressed as the percentages of total fatty acids.

  • d Oil contents in mature somatic embryos determined by NMR are presented as the percentages of total sample dry weight. Oil measurements made by NMR as described here are reproducible to approximately 1% oil of sample dry weight. Untransformed control somatic embryos typically contain 2.2% to 6.2% oil (Meyer et al., 2008). Increases in oil contents to above 7% oil of sample dry weight are indicative of a functional DGAT1 gene. Oil content for event B532 was not determined (ND) due to low tissue amounts.