Table I. Effect of Glc treatment on endogenous ABA levels of wild-type and mutant seedlings

Quantification of ABA levels (expressed in ng ABA/g fresh weight) in Col-0 and sr45-1 seedlings grown in control conditions or in the presence of 3% Glc (means ± se, n = 6). The ABA-deficient aba2-1 mutant and the ABA-insensitive abi4-101 mutant are shown as controls. Different superscript letters indicate significantly different values (P < 0.05, Student’s t test).

Control3% Glc
Col-07.28 ± 1.07a10.74 ± 1.74a
sr45-16.67 ± 1.75a18.18 ± 1.68b
aba2-110.54 ± 1.42a9.86 ± 1.48a
abi4-1016.94 ± 0.46a8.33 ± 0.61a