Table I. Processing times and summary statistics for the three leaves depicted in Figure 3

Whole-leaf statistics are denoted in rows 4 to 15. Areole summary statistics are given in rows 15 to 23, and edge summary statistics are given in rows 26 to 30. Calculation times are reported for a server with a 1.86-GHz processor with 16 GB of RAM and for a laptop with a 998-MHz processor with 2 GB of RAM, respectively. These represent the time it took to return statistics after the leaf image had been thresholded and cleaned. Note that as would be expected, many statistics are correlated with each other; for example, mean areole area and mean edge length are largest in K. africana and smallest in C. caudata, with R. angustifolia intermediate.

Statistics for the Three Leaves Depicted in Figure 3
Species:C. caudataR. angustifoliaK. africana
Whole-leaf statistics
 Time to calculate (s)66/19658/19084/264
 Leaf area (mm2)1,723.022,065.693,219.07
 Leaf perimeter (mm)228.99220.35230.54
 No. of nodes17,46516,33418,099
 No. of edges25,42424,70329,261
 No. of areoles7,2435,5821,989
 Total network length (mm)7,410.317,966.509,992.85
 Vein density (mm/mm2)4.303.863.10
 Total network 2D area (mm2)747.71808.891,230.68
 Network area/area0.430.390.38
Areole statistics
 Time to calculate (s)38/5732/4419/26
 Mean area (mm2)0.12940.21680.9639
 Mean convex area (mm2)0.15780.27121.4787
 Mean eccentricity0.75800.77650.7509
 Mean solidity0.88260.86270.7621
 Mean perimeter (mm)1.51552.17687.2206
 Mean equiv diameter (mm)0.38390.47600.9354
 Mean major axis (mm)0.56220.71531.5589
 Mean minor axis (mm)0.31840.39940.8773
 Mean distance (mm)0.06560.06910.0764
Edge statistics
 Mean length (mm)0.20280.23150.2442
 Mean width (mm)0.12440.12940.1365
 Mean area (mm2)0.02870.03390.0415
 Mean surface area (mm2)0.09020.10640.1305
 Mean volume (mm3)0.00420.00670.0122