Table VI. Comparison of alterations in transcript abundance in C4 and C3 leaves with those induced by cold, sugar feeding, attack by pests or pathogens, diurnal changes to light, or circadian rhythms
CauseEstimated Change in TranscriptomeChangeReference
Cold treatment514 (24,000) ATH12.1Vogel et al. (2005)
C4 leaves and C3 leaves583/603 (13,443/13,662)2.7/2.8This study
Glc feeding978 (22,500) ATH14.4Price et al. (2004)
Pseudomonas syringae2,034 (23,750) ATH18.6De Vos et al. (2005)
Myzus persicae2,181(23,750) ATH19.1De Vos et al. (2005)
Diurnal regulation1,115 (11,521) cDNA array11Schaffer et al. (2001)
Circadian regulation2,282 (18,890) Galbraith12Dodd et al. (2007)