Table I. Functional classification of UP, ovules, and pollen-expressed transcripts

Functional categories are based on criteria of the Munich Information Center for Protein Sequences Arabidopsis database. Data refer to frequency (%) of annotated genes assigned to each functional category. Overrepresented categories are highlighted in boldface, and the total number of genes is indicated in parentheses. Asterisks indicate significant categories at P < 0.05.

Functional CategoryEnriched or Preferentially ExpressedEnriched
ATH1 (22,325)Ovules (46)Pollen (420)UP (317)Ovules (1,245)Pollen (964)
Cell wall1.78.7*4.8*4.7*1.43.0
Energy pathways1.
Stress and defense5.*2.95.2
Signal transduction5.206.9**
Cellular transport10.00.012.9*9.17.912.3
Interaction with cellular environment6.10.03.311.4*5.96.6
Cell cycle and DNA processing5.*3.8
Protein fate12.710.915.0*12.313.717.8*
Cell fate1.64.3*
Protein regulation2.54.33.802.22.45.6*
Protein synthesis2.