Table I. Built-in tables available for export in SmartRoot

The root length density table is designed for rhizotron images acquired as described by Cheng et al. (1991) and Busch et al. (2006). ID, Identifier.

Export OptionsExport Data
Global root data (one record per root)Image filename/root ID/length/surface/volume/branching order/topological position/number of children/branching density/[d] coordinates of first and last child on the root axis/insertion angle/[d] coordinate of the insertion point
All marks (one record per mark)Image filename/[r,d] coordinates of the mark/annotation type/annotation value
Nodes data (one record per node)Image filename/[r, d] coordinates/[x, y] coordinates/node diameter
Root length densityImage filename/[x, y] coordinates of the considered area/root length density in this area